+ From how late do you start shooting on a wedding day?

+ Until how late do you stay on a wedding shoot?

+ What time do you prefer to start with the couple shoot on a wedding day?

+ How many photos will we get from our wedding shoot?

+ What do you recommend for a pre-wedding shoot location?

+ How long will it take for all our photo's to be finished?

+ How will I receive my photos?

+ What is your photography style?

+ What poses do we have to do on our wedding day?

+ What do we do when it rains?

+ How long do family photos take on the wedding day?

+ My uncle has a camera and wants to shoot some shots on the wedding day for his portfolio is that OK?

+ Do you do video as well?

+ How long have you been shooting?

+ What is the most important part of a wedding shoot to you?

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